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About Us





We aim to be a compass to the small business culture.

Vision Statement

L4TC, Technologies is a social media and internet platform designed with local business owners, non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs, in mind, to help increase your visibility and reach.

As an unorthodox but festive holiday weekend sunset in Duuuval (Jacksonville, FL) in 2017, David and Donovan conjured up the idea of Live 4 The Culture. It was with one central theme that L4TC was hatched.


~At times, we all need some navigation to the Culture~


By connecting new faces to your place of business or event, we envisioned and, hopefully, encourage a thriving social and economic scene in Jacksonville. It's our goal to equip you with the tools necessary to help everyone meet in the middle. 

Tenets of L4TC

  • Professional

  • Network

  • Visibility

  • Creativity

  • Diversity



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